One of the most recurrent fantasies of golf players, is living near a golf course. Being able to get up on a free day and have your breakfast while you appreciate the countryside and in a few minutes you are already playing your favorite sport

Life Near a Golf Course

Living near a golf course is not only a great experience for people who practice this sport, it is also a great opportunity to live near the natural spaces offered by a golf course, as this is a sport that is practiced fresh air. The golf courses are impeccable most of the time throughout the year, living near a golf course is an experience similar to living near a park with the advantage that it is maintained with a far superior care to common green areas in other types of developments.

Living in a community of this nature, gives the opportunity to see spectacular sunsets that are reflected in impeccably well cared fields. Unlike other sports, golf does not have a standardized playing surface, which gives creative freedom to designers specialized in this type of complex and give a free pass to their imagination when creating a new golf course. In the particular case of the Estrella del Mar Golf Course, this was designed by the famous Robert Trent Jones Jr., a member of a family that has been tied with the architecture of golf courses around the world for more than 75 years. Robert Trent Jones Jr and his team took full advantage of the endemic vegetation of the area, its tall palm trees and the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, so playing on this golf course is an unforgettable experience for any sports fan.

And as we talk about golfers, the benefits for them are more than obvious, from the start, the opportunity to live right next to a golf course allows the amateur of this sport to have an easy access to one of his favorite hobbies . In the case of Estrella Del Mar, starting in 2017 if you acquire a property directly from the developer, this could include a golf club membership for 10 years.

Not Everything Is Golf

The developments with golf courses also have better equipped Club House,  centers of conviviality among the inhabitants, where they enjoy dishes and drinks in harmony. For example, the Club House of Estrella del Mar has televisions to watch the sporting events of the moment, meeting room to attend business and even a store specializing in golf items. As if that were not enough, it also counts just outside of it with a driving range and a putting Green, ideal for those who want to start practicing Golf.

In general, owners of properties near a golf course experience more tranquility than most people. Living near a golf course is a pleasant, attractive and peaceful experience, ideal for those looking for a more relaxed lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city or for families with children who want them to grow up in a safe, beautiful environment with high quality of life.

If you are worried that your peace will be interrupted by a Golf competition, the truth is that there is nothing to worry about. The public that attends the Golf competitions is very different from the one that attends other types of sporting events, so the people who are not fans of this sport but want to take advantage of the connection with nature offered by living near a golf course, they do not have to worry about annoying noises if they organize a tournament near their property.

Choose the correct property

Speaking of business, a property with access to a golf course is a property with more value than a similar property that does not have one. Of all the sports fields that exist, the golf course is the one that adds more value to a house or condominium, that is why many new developments seek to include a golf course within their master plans. Also, no one should be surprised that the communities that have a golf course are statistically the safest.

Acquiring a condominium is a good option for those who want to live in a development with a golf course but do not want to be near the course itself. The main advantage of this type of property lies in its ease of quickly becoming a profitable investment, the condos of Estrella del Mar were designed to observe the beautiful sunsets of the Mexican Pacific, and have easy access to the beach and the same Golf course, which makes them very requested properties for both holiday rentals and long periods.

For many players who decide to build properties near a golf course, this becomes part of their “home” when it comes to receiving other friends who share the hobby, not to mention that the guest often uses his knowledge of the field to impress  his guests when it comes to touring holes in it. An extra benefit of living in a golf course recognized by the industry, is the opportunity to face great players who surely visit the field during the year. Estrella del Mar offers fantastic residential lots ideal for building a dream house. If you are a player, you may prefer to purchase one of the lots near the golf course, or if you prefer you can buy one of the lots with extensive areas facing the sea.


Living in a development with golf course is an experience that goes beyond the sport itself, the contact with nature, the value that the properties maintain over the years and the quality of life that is obtained by living in a community of this nature makes it impossible not to consider the possibility of investing in a property of this type.